Mercedes-Benz GLC Best Lease Deals in the UK from Intelligent Vehicle Finance

Mercedes-Benz offers finally releases its 4×4 or SUV model for the UK market and Intelligent Vehicle Finance offers the best business and private leasing deals in the UK. Is the new GLC the car for you?

Back in 2008, Mercedes made the decision whilst developing the GLC’s predecessor, the Mercedes GLK, that it was not worth the time or expense to develop a right-hand drive model for the UK. Almost within months of that decision, nearly every other rival of Mercedes, and “premium car manufacturer” launched an SUV or 4×4 model in the UK. BWM with the X3, Audi with the Q5 and Range Rover with the Evoque. Mercedes missed the opportunity to compete in, what soon became, a very popular style of vehicle.

Is the new Mercedes GLC “too little, too late” or a vehicle that takes the best of the competition and surpasses it? With its beautiful styling,  luxurious and comfortable cabin and smooth and quiet driving experience, we think Mercedes have taken the 4×4 market to a new level.

Mercedes GLC 4x4 UK lease Deals

The Mercedes-Benz GLC – Styling

Mercedes have (somehow!) managed to combine a muscular and road dominating, dynamic look to the front of the car and yet a sleek and athletic look to the rear of the car.  Resulting in a curvaceous styling that rivals other premium brand SUV models.

The Mercedes-Benz GLC – Interior

The console is built with smooth curves with the minimal of buttons. All Mercedes GLC’s come with a 7″ screen which adds a high-tech beauty to the cockpit, as well as allowing most features and functions to be accessed through the screen, eliminating the needs for clunky buttons.

Visibility is superb, and possibly the best on the market, in this class of car. Finding a comfortable driving position is easy with fully electronic seat adjustment and 4-way lumbar support. Upgraded models also feature “driving position memory functions” for those families where the driver is continually swapping.

Based on the Mercedes C-Class, but with a longer wheelbase, inside the GLC is a comfortable 5-seater with a very generous boot.

The Mercedes-Benz GLC – Engines

Our choice of engine is the GLC 220d, a more cost-effective leasing price in the UK, compared to the (only slightly) more powerful GLC 25D.  The 220d achieves 0-62mph in an impressive 8.3 seconds and has a top speed of 130mph. For the extra cost of the 250d,  the engine is 0.6 seconds faster to 62mph, and takes the top speed to 138mph. In theory, the 250d should be more fun to drive with it’s split between front to rear torque, however, most car drivers will struggle to notice any difference from the 45:55 split on the GLC 220d.

The 220d uses the tried, tested and respected 2.1 diesel engine of the c-class and delivers 168bhp.

Fuel economy rivals the competition with a reported 56.5 mpg and combined with CO2 emissions as low as 129 g/km the GLC will be favourable to the high-mileage business lease user and the sensible family budget of a personal lease.

As it is Mercedes, there is an AMG version – the GLC 43. This model uses an AMG-designed twin-turbo V6 petrol with 362bhp and 520Nm of torque, and in less than five seconds you can get from 0-62 mph.

The Mercedes-Benz GLC – Summary

The Mercedes GLC rivals the latest SUV’s on the market such as the Jaguar F-Pace and the Range Rover Velar,  as well as being a viable alternative to the mainstays in the market from Audi and BMW.

The Mercedes-Benz GLC – Lease Deals

If looking for a personal or business lease on the Mercedes-Benz GLC then a review of Intelligent Vehicle Finances deals for the UK is a must. GLC leasing for business for less than £298 a month means you can get the style, engineering and “class” of a Mercedes on an affordable monthly budget. They offer the best deals in the UK  guaranteed, and so you can take comfort that you are getting the best leasing deal without spending hours searching the internet.

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