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Synonymous with road appeal, a comfortable drive and low leasing costs – the Mercedes C-Class is the perfect car to lease for the busy professional or image-conscious family and we have the best Mercedes C-Class lease deals in the UK. This article explains the benefits of the new Mercedes C-Class.

The latest Mercedes C-class is designed to take the fight to the Audi A4 and BMW 3-series. Mercedes has prioritised comfort over sporty handling, although the C-class hardly disgraces itself in regard to the latter.

With a spacious and high-quality interior, a good standard specification and the option of some cutting-edge safety equipment, Mercedes has left nothing to chance with the new Mercedes C-Class.

Mercedes C-Class: Driving

Mercedes C Class Lease Deals UKMost diesel C-Class models are quick enough. Accepted, the C 200 d (1.6-litre single-turbo four-cylinder unit) does struggle for out-and-out pace, but the C 220 d (2.1-litre twin-turbo four 168bhp/400Nm) has enough “go” to carry the car along briskly; in fact, many people will decide not spend the extra cash for the modest increase in pace that the C 250 d (201bhp/500Nm) brings. The 2.0 petrol engine is the same unit found in the cheapest C-Class you can buy, the 181bhp/300Nm C 200.

There’s also a diesel-electric hybrid edition, badged C 300, which allows you to trickle along on battery power alone in heavy traffic. The diesel engine cuts in quickly when you need it to, and performance is strong, although the energy recuperation system means the brake pedal response can be inconsistent.

As for the petrol cars, the C 200 is fast enough, but it requires plenty of “revs”, while at the other end of the range Mercedes offers the unhinged C 63 AMG, which feels super-fast. If you want something fast but a little less crazy, there’s also a more driveable C 43 that has less power and four-wheel drive.

The C300 diesel hybrid is the most efficient C-class, returning 83.1mpg in the EU fuel economy test. However, in our experience real-world consumption isn’t quite as impressive, meaning that if fuel economy is top of your priorities you’ll be better off going for the 1.6-litre C200 Bluetec, which is significantly cheaper to lease and still returned 80.7mpg in the EU fuel economy test.

It is worth noting is that the C220 diesel is hardly what you’d call “thirsty”, considering the performance it offers.

Mercedes C-Class: Interior

Looks count for a lot in the executive car range and the Mercedes hits the mark. Taking its inspiration from the brand’s flagship S-Class limousine, the C-Class’ neatly styled lines, sculpted sides and swept-back headlamps provide plenty of appeal. Mercedes offers the C-Class with the ‘classic’ Merc grille in some territories, but in the UK we get the sportier option, featuring a large Mercedes badge in the centre of the grille rather than an ornament on top of the bonnet.

Sport trim cars get 17-inch wheels, chrome treatment and LED lights, while AMG Line models have an even sportier cabin, 18-inch wheels and body styling to look like the most potent versions of the C-Class. The AMG C 43 could easily be mistaken for an AMG Line car, in fact, with only subtle styling tweaks inside and out.

The flagship C 63 is a bit more distinctive, marked out by its deeper front bumper, subtly flared front wheel arches, quad exhaust layout and a bonnet that features a pair of ‘power’ bulges. The standard C 63 gets 18-inch alloys, while the C 63 S has larger 19-inch rims.

Even seriously long-legged drivers should have no problem getting comfortable behind the wheel of the Mercedes C-Class. There’s plenty of adjustment to the driver’s seat (including electric adjustment of the seat height and backrest angle on all models), and the steering wheel moves a long way in and out as well as up and down.

The relatively few buttons on the dashboard are within easy reach and are simple to use, while everything else is controlled via an intuitive rotary controller and touchpad down by your left thigh.

You might look at the basic SE specification of the C-class, see items such as a reversing camera, tablet-style screen and man-made leather trim, and think it offers everything you need. In reality, you still miss out on split-folding rear seats or satnav until you upgrade to Sports trim, which also comes with 17in alloy wheels, auto parking and heated seats.

AMG Line is the top specification at present and includes 18in alloy wheels, sports seats that hold you tightly in place, a multi-function steering wheel and lowered sports suspension.

Mercedes C-Class: Costs

Since these are mostly company cars, what matters is lease rates and emissions-based tax. Lease rates are low, because trade-in values are so solid. This means that though the “buying” price looks high, monthly payments are okay. Because the C 250 diesel emits just 109g/km, the monthly tax on that P11D price is also pretty easy to swallow. There’s an ultra-green diesel, but it’s ultra-expensive so best avoided.

Mercedes C-Class: Summary

Low leasing costs, great running costs, luxury refinement and a Mercedes badge – the perfect choice for executive car leasing. For more information on our brilliant Mercedes C-Class lease deals in the UK please visit


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